Cascade Creek Camping Area

Coordinates: -44.894520, 168.083890

Even if you are not camping, Cascade Creek is worth a stop for the sensational Lake Gunn Nature Walk, also in the time before Christmas it is famous for its rampant purple and blue lupins.

DOC has expanded facilities at Cascade Creek over the winter of 2017 to cater for increasing demand for camp sites on the Milford Road. Cascade Creek is a large campsite with the most modern facilities on the Milford Road. It is also the last place you can camp before the Milford Sound Lodge or Gunn's Camp.

If you struggle to find a vacant camping spot in the height of summer, then Cascade Creek is your best bet. There is usually a resident warden over summer.

Adults $13/night, 5-17 years 1/2 price, infants free, payment is cash except over the summer when a DOC warden will visit and can accept payment by card.

Cascade Creek campsite was the site of a major road camp. Melita Aitchison, the wife of a road worker, operated a kiosk and accommodation house on the right before Cascade Creek and the daffodils in her garden flower to this day. There is a mountain peak and a waterfall in the area named Melita.

When it closed, Cascade Creek Road Camp was operated as a lodge by the Tourist Department and later the Automobile Association. It burnt down in the eighties.

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Lupins at Cascade Creek