East Branch Track

Coordinates: -45.049290, 168.010670

55 km from Te Anau on the right (East) in the open tussock at the start of the East Branch Track, the concrete chimney base of road engineer Stanley Walker's house can be seen. Nearby, on the Te Anau side of the river is the site of Molly Dwan's tearoom 'East Lodge'.

It is possible for experienced route finders to walk up the East Branch of the Eglington and connect with the Greenstone Valley over 2 days, refer to Moir's Guide South which can be purchased online from the NZ Alpine Club or in person from the Fiordland National Park Visitor Centre in Te Anau.

There is very poor access to this track and the tramping is difficult with river crossings so it is recommended for experienced and well prepared parties only.

The Track is on the North side of the East Branch for approximately 2 hours, crossing to the true left of the East Branch at Annear Creek, the first flats are reached after 8 hours of difficult tramping, grit, determination, Moir's guide and a good map can take you further. Not a day trip for the unprepared.

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Start of East Branch Track