Falls Creek

Coordinates: -44.817590, 168.079235

Falls Creek crosses from the left 89 km from Te Anau. It is quite a spectacle, the busses typically slow down on the single lane bridge to give their passengers a view of the torrential Christie Falls, named for John Christie who surveyed the road from the Divide through all the major difficulties, and made the decision to site the tunnel at the Homer Saddle.

Head Quarters Camp was at the last bend of the road before Falls Creek and was used as a base until Homer Camp, near the tunnel, took over.

At present, winter 2017, there are roadworks at Falls Creek, the parking area on the Milford Side of the bridge is being expanded, pedestrian facilities added and a new footbridge has been installed beside the road bridge, making Falls Creek a safer place to stop.

There is a marked route for experienced trampers up Falls Creek, 2 hours to the bush line and 5 hours to the head of the valley below Ngatimamoe and Pyramid Peaks. Moir's Guide South, available from the Te Anau DOC Visitor Centre, contains a detailed route description. A better vantage point of Christie Falls can be gained with a short excursion up the steep and difficult track.

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Christie Falls