Henry Creek Camping Area

Coordinates: -45.232550, 167.812270

Henry Creek Camping Area is 25 km from Te Anau and it is the only DOC camp site on the shore of lake Te Anau. It has sizable capacity (30 sites) and a number of standard DOC toilets.

During the day it is frequently empty and makes a good picnic spot. Across the lake is the Middle Fiord. The site of the original Te Anau Downs Station homestead was close to Henry Creek, but it was soon moved to near the Boat Harbour at present day Te Anau Downs.

Follow the gravel road South and continue on foot past the rock barriers placed on the historic road to Henry Creek itself. An easy five to ten minute walk. Piles from the old bridge are visible in the Creek and there are some interesting lakeside photo opportunities on the way and a very interesting tree near the end of the walk.

While Te Anau is the jumping off point for many Fiordland adventures, the lake is very under appreciated. If you have the time, you will never regret exploring Lake Te Anau, hidden in plain sight are three magnificent fresh water fiord's.

Adults $13/night, 5-17 years 1/2 price, infants free, payment is cash except over the summer when a DOC warden will visit and can accept payment by card.

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Henry Creek