Lake Marian Track

Coordinates: -44.808020, 168.103130

The Lake Marian track starts 1 km down the Hollyford road with an entertaining swing bridge over the Hollyford River. Within 10 minutes the track reaches the steep and fast flowing Marian Creek, ascends close to the rushing water on a trestle, and then climbs steeply away from the creek until Lake Marian.

It is a short worthwhile walk to see the trestle and approximately 90 minutes of strenuous uphill walking and 2.4km through fascinating alpine forest to Lake Marian.

There is a DOC toilet on the track close to Lake Marian.

Lake Marian has a subterranean outlet and may be one of the most peaceful places accessible from the Milford Road. Looking up the valley the Peak to the left is Mt Crosscut, to the right is Mt Gunn and at the head of the valley are Marian and Sabre Peaks.

If you have time and the legs for more, it is possible to continue up the valley to 22m Lyttle Falls, below Sabre Peak. Please note, during winter and spring the sides of Lake Marian and the upper valley beyond the lake are exposed to severe avalanche risk.

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Lake Marian Trestle