Key Summit Walk

Coordinates: -44.81533, 168.12713

The walk to Key Summit, from The Divide, is highly recommended. The forest is an interesting experience in all weather and light, even if you do not fancy the 1-2 hour walk to the summit. The track is maintained to a very high standard by DOC, it is sustained uphill all the way to Key Summit but footing is easy.

Key Summit is safe in all seasons, there is no avalanche risk unless you continue past Howden Hut on the Routeburn. Sunset at Key Summit on a clear day is something to behold with expansive views of the Earl Mountains, Darran Mountains, Hollyford Valley and Alisa Mountains.

The bird life is heavily protected by trapping and it is a unique opportunity to ascend easily through layers of verdant forest and tussocky herb fields to the sparse tops.

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Key Summit