Lake Fergus

Coordinates: -44.845750, 168.107350

The two best places to stop on lake Fergus are an unnamed layby before Windy Point which I have marked on the map with a waypoint 'Primo Point' and at Windy Point.

In calm weather the clarity of reflections in the lake are something to behold. The birds on the shore, meters from the road, are exceptional. If you stop at Primo Point you are likely to encounter South Island Robin and the brave or foolhardy can walk well out into the lake on a large fallen tree for the best angle.

There is a patch of dead avalanche damaged trees at the Southern end of Lake Fergus, where the lake is often calmest, they make an excellent subject. Finding a place to stop safely on the narrow and busy Milford Road can be dangerous and difficult when there is no lay by handy.

Lake Fergus was named for Member of Parliament Thomas Fergus in 1889 by William Homer and George Barber who travelled from the coast up the Hollyford to what is now known as the Homer Saddle. Homer was the first to suggest the tunnel.

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Lake Fergus