Marian Corner

Coordinates: -44.813350, 168.092000

At Marian Corner, the gravel Hollyford Road turns sharply off the Milford road and continues down the Hollyford River for 16 km to the start of the Hollyford Track. From here the Milford Road begins its ascent to the Homer Tunnel.

This was the site of Marian Camp and the old vehicle service pit is visible from the car parking area. There is a chimney still visible in a clearing 300m further down on the right. Most of the camp buildings were on the hairpin bend between the Milford and Hollyford roads. There was once a cinema and a YMCA here, along with tent huts for the men, a post office, cook house, first aid station and workshops.

There is a paper road, unlikely to be built, which would continue down the Hollyford and cut through the heart of the National Park, to Jacksons Bay in Westland.

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Relic at Marian Camp