Monkey Creek

Coordinates: -44.801350, 168.021700

Monkey Creek is named for William Henry Homer's dog Monkey who caught a large rabbit here in 1889 on an investigative trip to the recently discovered Homer Saddle with district surveyor Wilmot. They had travelled up the Greenstone and Hollyford valleys from Lake Wakatipu and were no doubt hungry. There was once a road camp at the site of the present day paved, bus ready photo stop 94 km from Te Anau.

The general area area is named Lyttle's Farm in jest after Albert Lyttle. Before going on a trip into the upper Hollyford, Lyttle was asked by his doctor if he was looking for a farm. Travelling with Grave and Talbot who discovered the Grave-Talbot pass in January 1910, Lyttle was ill and unable to accompany them on their pioneering crossing. There are various features in the area named for Lyttle. The Grave-Talbot pass is a now pointless, difficult and very dangerous route requiring a complicated traverse of Mount McPherson and multiple abseils on the descent to the Esperance River.

Monkey Creek is a good place to see Kea, New Zealand's endangered mountain parrot, please do not feed them.

The best photo opportunities are across the road, closer to the Hollyford River, and further along the straight after Monkey Creek where it is possible to stop safely in a few places on the return journey.

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Monkey Creek Camp - Lyttle's Farm