Te Anau Downs

Coordinates: -45.193450, 167.827290

Te Anau Downs is 29 km along the road with fabulous views across the lake to the Middle Fiord and the Murchison Mountains. The boat to the Milford Track leaves from the wharf.

Nearby is an old hut and the Pelton wheel of a power plant that served Te Anau Downs Station in the 1890's. Pop your head through the door and check out the inside, one of the oldest buildings extant in the Te Anau basin and a completely unexpected photo moment, best in the morning when the sun is streaming through the north facing windows.

It is possible to follow the gravel road past the boat ramp and hut to the mouth of the Eglington River. It quickly degenerates to an unmaintained track and is not recommended for camper vans, low vehicles or in wet weather.

The first frozen shipment of lamb left New Zealand from Port Chalmers, Dunedin, in 1882 and Te Anau Downs Station was settled by the Melland family in 1883. It was the first European settlement on Lake Te Anau but was not profitable and changed hands a number of times until the 1920's when it was bought by John Chartres who built the first section of the Milford Road to Te Anau Downs. Originally, wool was barged out to present day Te Anau.

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Te Anau Downs