The Chasm

Coordinates: -44.721720, 167.950930

At the The Chasm the Cleddau River is forced violently through a narrow gap. It is a popular stop for bus tours, there are toilets and Coffee Cat operates a mobile coffee van. A short walk through spectacular scintillating forest crosses The Chasm twice, two safe but exposed bridges providing photo opportunities.

Mount Isolation dominates to the East, look out for the boulder hanging precipitously above on the ridge. The West Branch of the Cleddau drains Mount Ada and the Sheerdown Hills, joining the longer South Branch before The Chasm.

Bill Grave, discoverer of the Grave-Talbot pass and well known explorer was the first European to know of The Chasm.

Camp 3, the largest of the Cleddau road camps was 400m further down the road, on both sides, many relics remain but the site has returned to forest and it's now hard to imagine busy site that it once was.

The overhanging crags in the forest across the road from the Chasm are popular with climbers and are dry even in rain. Refer to the New Zealand Alpine Club's Darrans Guide for details.

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The Chasm