Walker Creek Camping Area

Coordinates: -45.100590, 167.968890

Close to the river, Walker Creek is the first of several DOC camping areas in the Eglington Valley. It is a beautiful spot but small with 1 toilet and unless you are self contained, best avoided if it looks busy.

Even if you are only passing by the short 2 minute walk to the banks of the Eglington is highly recommended for a broad view both up and down the valley.

Walker Creek is named for Stanley Walker, a road engineer who lived in a house further along the road at the start of the East Branch Track. The Mason brothers operated a saw pit at Walker Creek.

The bird life all the way up the Eglington Valley is heavily protected and there are many opportunities for bird watchers.

Adults $13/night, 5-17 years 1/2 price, infants free, payment is cash except over the summer when a DOC warden will visit and can accept payment by card.

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Walker Creek