Boyd Creek

Coordinates: -45.133250, 167.946610

Forty three kilometers from Te Anau on the Eastern side of the road is Boyd Creek, site of a historic sawmill and little known walking track to the tops. Public access is initially through private land, please close the gate after you enter and do not drive beyond the DOC parking area.

The track soon enters the forest and eventually, after a challenging 3 1/2 hour walk, tops out onto tussocky high country below the Countess Range.

Most people do not travel beyond the tops, but it is possible with considerable route finding experience to continue on to the Upukerora headwaters. The Upukerora River, colloquially known as the Upak, is the first river crossed when travelling out of Te Anau.

Boyd Creek is a favourite hunting ground for keen local photographers, and there are a few tightly held secrets you may stumble upon.

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Boyd Creek

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