Dunton River

Coordinates: -45.163470, 167.893860

Close by in the sheep pasture is the Eglington River. Looking West, the distinctive Turret Peaks are on the left and across the North Fiord which is not visible from the road are the Franklin Mountains.

Lake Te Anau continues for a considerable distance north once the Milford Road leaves its shores, it ends at a latitude that crosses the Milford Road at the grassy Eglington Valley Lookouts.

The boat to the Milford Track, private vessel or a Water Taxi are the only way of seeing the Northern part of Lake Te Anau. There is no easy way to explore the Middle Fiord, North Fiord or Worsley Arm but there are commercial operators that offer cruises on the South Fiord, leaving from the wharf at Te Anau.

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Near Dunton River