Earl Mountains Track

Coordinates: -44.913340, 168.044530

Ten minutes walk down this exceptionally wet track one comes to an 'old school' forest service walk wire.

You will need to clean your shoes at the trail head in the provided detergent filled tub to prevent the spread of invasive Didymo (green river and lake slime, or rock snot as it is colloquially known). Not as bad as it sounds, you are guaranteed to return with muddy feet, wash them again too keep your vehicle clean.

This is probably the most satisfying short Fiordland wander on the Milford Road, the birds are exceptional, you are almost certain to come close to several species and then there is always that wobbly walk wire to entertain.

It is possible to cross the walk wire and continue up Hut Creek or Mistake Creek and even to combine them into an overnight loop by crossing U pass. This is a difficult route, river crossings are required and in wet weather the rivers are not safely crossable. Moir's Guide South, available from the DOC Fiordland Visitor Centre, has a detailed route description.

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Swingbridge at Earl Mountains Track