Eglington Flats Lookouts

Coordinates: -45.063740, 167.992740

The Eglington Valley lookouts start soon after the bridge over Mackay Creek at the Coordinates above, it has a slightly elevated viewpoint and in my opinion is the best stop, though it comes before the official bus stopping places and is easily missed.

There are several places on both sides of the road to pull over, so if you miss the one you are aiming for there is likely to be another further along the straight. You can stop again on the way home to experience the wide plain in different light.

Most people will stop somewhere along this straight at least once.

Drones are a common sight, please remember that they can't legally be flown on DOC land without a permit. Air traffic control also needs to be informed, which is hard to do on the spur of the moment without a powerful radio given there is no cell phone reception anywhere along the Milford Road.

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Eglington Flats Lookout

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