Moraine Creek

Coordinates: -44.700550, 168.123180

When explorer Bill Grave was investigating a route between the Wakatipu and Milford Sound, he consulted long time Milford Sound resident Donald Sutherland who mentioned an easy pass in the Donne Valley, however his hand drawn map proved wrong and Grave never found Sutherland's pass. Instead he settled on the challenging Grave-Talbot Pass. However, there is a relatively easy pass between the Donne and Moraine Creek called Darran Pass first crossed in 1955. In retrospect it may have been a better route for the Milford Road which was already built and officially opened to traffic in 1953.

Moraine Creek drains Lake Adelaide and is the second largest tributary of the Hollyford River. The track starts with a bouncy swing bridge and in 20 minutes crosses to the true left (North) bank of Moraine Creek by one of Fiordland's fantastic walk wire bridges. Beyond this point the track is subject to severe avalanche risk in the winter and spring. When there is no avalanche danger, the site of the old Moraine Creek Hut can be reached in 5 hours.

This is not an easy hike for the unprepared, but if it falls within your skill set, this may be one of the most rewarding overnight camping options in the area. Route finding skills and extensive experience is required to reach Lake Adelaide and the climbing options beyond. See Moir's Guide available from the Te Anau DOC Visitor Centre.

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Moraine Creek

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