Hollyford Track

Coordinates: -44.692770, 168.126390

The 56 kilometer, 4-5 day Hollyford Track starts at the terminus of the Hollyford Road and ends at remote Martins Bay. You will need to arrange transport out of Martins Bay, turn around and walk back, or continue North to Big Bay and loop back to the Hollyford Track via the Pyke River and Lake Alabaster.

The Hollyford Track can be walked all year, it is well served by huts and it is not a great walk so can be done for the price of hut tickets. For the intrepid traveller with a little time, the Hollyford Track should be at the top of the list.

Ngai Tahu Tourism offers a 3 day guided walk experience including a jet boat ride, helicopter and transfers on the Hollyford Track.

Milford Helicopters can collect you from Martins Bay.

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Hollyford Track