Kiosk Creek Camping Area

Coordinates: -44.974540, 168.016940

Kiosk Creek is the only DOC camp site on the Eastern side of the Milford Road. It is open to the early morning sun and has a slightly elevated perspective.

There are 2 DOC toilets and the clean and flushable Knobs Flat toilets are a short drive away.

In spite of its name there was never a kiosk at Kiosk Creek. Melita Aitchison ran a kiosk further down the road at Cascade Creek. In my opinion it is the best DOC camp site on the road.

Adults $13/night, 5-17 years 1/2 price, infants free, payment is cash except over the summer when a DOC warden will visit and can accept payment by card.

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Kiosk Creek Camping Area

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