Lake Gunn Nature Walk

Coordinates: -44.894670, 168.081970

The Lake Gunn Nature Walk starts a short distance down the Cascade Creek road. Officially it is a 45 minute loop but I would suggest for most people it will be considerably faster, there are no hills or difficulties and it is probably accessible to most wheelchairs and prams.

The track winds through the forest to lake Gunn and one of the best photo spots on the lake. In my experience the green forest light can be fantastic on a bright day. DOC interpretive signs along the way are very informative and helpful. Listen for birds and if you hear something, slow down and look, you may be entertained by a friendly Fantail or Robin.

I suggest that for people interested in shorter walks, the Lake Gunn Nature Walk, the Chasm and the Milford Sound Foreshore Walk are the must do experiences on the Milford road.

There is a DOC toilet at the start of the track and several further along the road at the Cascade Creek Camping Area.

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Lake Gunn Nature Walk

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