Lake Gunn Overlook

Coordinates: -44.882820, 168.095150

The Lake Gunn Overlook is half way along the shore of the lake. The road is slightly elevated and is squeezed tightly between the water and the Livingston mountains. There are few places to stop on Lake Gunn and they are all small and man made, this is the largest and provides the best view available.

Lake Gunn is named for George Gunn who with fellow run holder David McKellar first reached lake Gunn in 1861. Davey Gunn who farmed the run in the Hollyford Valley from 1929 was responsible for salvaging Henderson's Road Camp on the Hollyford Road in 1951 and turning it into a tourist venture and base for his farming activities. Now known as Gunn's Camp. Davey Gunn drowned in the Hollyford River on Christmas Day 1955 and Gunn's Camp was continued by his son Murray until his retirement in 2005, it is now run by a charitable trust.

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Lake Gunn at Sunset

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