Main Milford Sound Parking Area

Coordinates: -44.671633, 167.926818

There is considerable free parking at Milford Sound but at peak times it is in short supply. Allow 45 minutes to find a parking and reach the cruise terminal at Freshwater basin. There is a pleasant 10-15 minute walk from your vehicle to the cruise terminal. It could take you longer, most of the classic postcard views of Milford Sound were taken right there, at the car park.

The very best real estate in Milford Sound is devoted to campervans and rental cars. Close by is a small cafe run by one of the cruise operators. If you have a choice try to go on one of the smaller boats.

Note that drones are strictly prohibited in Milford Sound because of the frequent helicopters and light planes.

You will find clean toilets at the terminal building.

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Milford Sound

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