Mount Tutoko Viewpoint

Coordinates: -44.717870, 167.955720

At 2723 meters, Mount Tutoko is the highest peak in Fiordland and indeed Southland. Camera shy, the best view is gained by walking back up the road a short distance towards The Chasm.

Tutoko was named by an early survey party for a Maori chief living temporarily at Martins Bay in the 1860's who fed and sheltered them. Mount Tutoko is very steep and supports considerable glaciation, it rises 2500 meters in only one kilometer and the South West face is a sheer 2000 meters. The first attempt to climb Tutoko was by Bill Grave in 1897, it was not climbed until 1921 by a very persistent Samuel Turner and guide Peter Graham. Tutoko is a demanding climb and is not frequently summited.

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Tutoko Viewpoint

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