Packhorse Swing Bridge

Coordinates: -44.704990, 167.969350

110km from Te Anau on the left, before the one lane Gulliver River Bridge and opposite the start of the Grave-Talbot Route is a small parking spot with an obscure metaled track running down to the Cleddau River and a fabulous packhorse swing bridge which serviced Camp 2 further down the river.

Before the tunnel and road, the track which was built by teams of medical students in the summer, was on the other side of the river. The Cleddau Bluffs where we now gain our first view of Mitre Peak were impassable. The track went up the Gulliver River and its Tributary the Esperance to the Grave-Talbot Pass.

It's worth following the historic track across the Packhorse Swing Bridge for a short way until it becomes impassable, for an experience of the stunning forest environment and an understanding of how quickly it recolonises. The swing bridge dates back to the mid 1920's, please cross one at a time.

To prevent the spread of Didymo (or rock snot) to this pristine area please clean your boots with detergent provided by DOC on the other side of the road at the Grave-Talbot Pass trail head.

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Packhorse Swing Bridge

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