Sawmill Clearing

Coordinates: -45.013730, 168.009030

Along the Avenue of the Disappearing Mountain, before Wesney Creek is an obscure metalled track leading off on the Eastern side of the road.

It soon leads to a clearing which was the site of the last sawmill on the Milford Road, tractor driven and run by the three Brown brothers. Sandy Brown Road in Te Anau is named after one brother and another brother Mervyn also oversaw bridge building on the road.

If you venture up this short track, on foot, you will find some weathered cut logs at the pit. All along the way look out and listen for the most spectacular birds along the Milford Road. Everywhere are breeding pairs, sometimes with juveniles.

This is a little known place with poor access, if you are keen on birds I suggest looking for the unsignposted track on the right hand side on your way to Milford, and stopping carefully at the roadside on your return journey for the short walk through the forest.

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Sawmill Clearing

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