Te Anau Weather

Te Anau tends to have a warm, sunny summer by Southland standards. It can get very dry after Christmas. In the months before Christmas it can be windy. February is traditionally warm, sunny and dry.

Spring is often wet and very changeable with satisfyingly varied photographic conditions.

April is reliably calm and cool and may be the best time to visit.

Usually the winter starts with a spell of bad weather in May and it often calms down considerably in June. Te Anau is prone to localised fog over winter. Fog sometimes limits the daytime temperature and along with the thermal mass of the lake moderates the extremes of cold.

July is the coldest month of the year, the mountains and the Milford Road are at their most spectacular. We expect snow to lake level every winter, it usually melts quickly.

The Milford Road is closed from time to time over the Winter due to extreme alpine conditions, though in 2016 only one full day. The Road can be very icy and often snow chains are required. Snow ploughs and grit trucks work tirelessly to keep the traffic moving safely. The Homer Tunnel is exposed to avalanche risk which is actively managed by the Milford Road Alliance using helicopters and a team of alpine specialists.

There can be considerable risk involved in driving the alpine sections of the Milford Road for varying periods of time during winter.

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