What Should I Expect In Fiordland?

It can snow on the alpine sections of the Milford Road any time of year, though in the summer it melts quickly.

It is likely to rain at some point. You need to be warm even if you get wet, heavy cotton clothing is not a good idea. Wear good sturdy hiking clothing for your visit and make sure you have a water proof layer, consider an umbrella or brolly in rainy weather.

It can be a good idea to cover up to avoid the sandfly's, but perhaps in warm weather bug repellent will be more functional.

Winter conditions can be cold and the days are short, so if there is a chance of being out past 4:30 pm you will need to be prepared with an extra layer, a woolly hat and gloves.

Ultra violet radiation is very high during the spring due to ozone conditions, a strong sunblock should always be used to prevent sunburn over the spring and summer. During the height of summer the sun sets as late as 10pm, evenings are often the best time to be around.

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An unusually snowy December in the Eglington Valley.

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